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WD 12 TB My Book Pro

Brand : WD
Binding : Accessory
Color : Grey, Black
EAN : 0718037834795
Label : WD
Product Group : Personal Computer
Manufacturer : WD

Estimated Price : £763.67

List Price : £1,414.14
Price subject to change without prior notice
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  • Compatible with Apple time machine~
  • Thunderbolt 2 or USB 3.0 connectivity~
  • High-speed dual-drive performance with WD Black drives see wd.com/mybookpro for performance by configuration~
  • Advanced connectivity: Daisy chain up to six additional thunderbolt devices at the same time with no impact on throughput speed~
  • Proven reliability: Combines power, compatibility, peace-of-mind hardware, speed and convenience to accelerate your workflow~

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WD 12 TB My Book Pro
WD 12 TB My Book Pro
WD 12 TB My Book Pro
WD 12 TB My Book Pro

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